January 19, 2018 – February 23, 2018 all-day

Would you like to take part in a season of shows in The Melbourne International Comedy Festival? This is not “stand-up” comedy, but a series of comic (and sometimes darkly comic) scenes that revolve around a given theme. You will be given scene partners to work with, highly experienced actor/teachers to direct and guide you, and have plenty of time for preparation.

The course involves a series of weekly classes at Clifton Hill, and we later move into technical rehearsals (which are somewhat longer in length) at the theatre we use in Kew. This is an intimate theatre, with professional lighting, seating rakes and sound. We employ a professional lighting designer and operator for the technical rehearsals and all performances. (A total of four shows)

Drama With A Difference – one of Australia’s leading independent drama schools with a history that spans more than twenty years – is running this intensive performance course for adults. The school is the launching pad of many well-known actors and our students have appeared in lead and support roles in feature films, just about every Australian TV series in the past 20 years, endless advertisements and professional theatre. Many of them were first “spotted” at one of our public performances.

Therefore, this is an ideal course for aspiring actors, who may wish to invite agents, casting agents and other industry professionals to see them on stage.

However, the course is also open to those who have no intention of becoming actors. We have run these courses in The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and The Melbourne Fringe Festival for eight years, and many of the students attend simply because they want to learn about acting and have the chance to perform in a safe and nurturing environment.

We enter the festival as a Recreational Adult Class and the program explains that the cast consists of actors with and without experience. Therefore, you do not need prior experience to join this course. We match people in scenes with someone of a similar ability/ level of experience, and this formula has been successful for many years. We even have a following in the public, who report that they attend our shows because they love to see people brace one of human-kinds’ greatest fears; that of performing in public.

This course is ideal for aspiring actors and anyone who has a strong interest in acting.

You will spend each week learning how to develop a character very different from yourself. This will involve learning some of the powerful techniques used by professional actors. There are two teachers for this course; both of whom have extensive experience as professional actors and teacher/directors.

This course starts on Tuesday 13th February. (We may be able to take late comers, pending space availability, but the course usually fills so it is best to book as soon as possible).  For details of times, dates, costs, location, enrolment procedure etc… please go to