November 27, 2016 – November 28, 2016 all-day
Eltham Little Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Drew Mason

contact info: [email protected]


Midsummer is one of Shakespeare’s most well known and widely performed plays. The play deals with the clash of the human world and that of the faeries….comic misunderstandings, love, marriage, confusion and magic. It’s about the world’s most popular pastime: falling in love. But as Puck knows, falling in love can make fools of us all. Love is crazy, love is mad. Will love win out in the end? This production will be set in the 1960s with an eclectic look and sound: a multicultural cast and great folk music score highlighting the dawn of a new era….and lots of psychedelics! Think Shakespeare meets Hair….


Sunday 27 November 1 pm

Monday 28 November 7pm

Audition will consist of presenting one short prepared sonnet or speech from Shakespeare as well as reading from selected scenes from the play with other auditionees. Please be prepared to spend some time at the audition.

Audition information

 For the audition, please come with a prepared short Shakespearean soliloquy, monologue or sonnet (not from the play) and be ready to also read from the script with your fellow auditionees. You do not need to come both days, just one.

Rehearsal period: most likely will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and either Saturdays or Sundays at a time to suit cast and director. There will be a SHORT break between Christmas and New Years. It will be difficult to accommodate actors who will be away for an extended break over this period, due to the February opening date.

For more information or to book an audition, please contact: Drew Mason, director [email protected] or 9382 6284.


Feb 24 to March 5 (will be approximately 9 shows over two weekends-possibly two performances each Saturday)

Audition and Performance location: Eltham Little Theatre 1603 Main Road, Research



Oberon/Theseus (most likely doubled) 30+

Lysander: early 20s

Demetrius: early 20

Bottom: age open

Flute: age open

Egeus: 40+


Titania/Hippolyta (most likely doubled): 30+

Hermia: early 20s

Helena: early 20s

the following roles can be played by either male or female actors:

Quince: age open

Starveling: age open

Snug: age open

Snout: age open

Puck/Philostrate (most likely doubled): age open

Faeries: age open (these characters could possibly be doubled with the Mechanicals)

Please note: We are particularly looking for a multicultural cast for this production. One of the 1960s contexts I wish to explore is that of interracial love and marriage and the challenges to “free love” imposed by society. The faeries will be portrayed as part of the hippy movement, so I would like to see a range of faces, shapes and sounds. I would also very much like to see the same reflected with the human characters.