August 19, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – August 20, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group

Lamb of God by John Summons

Directed by George Benca

Audition dates

Sunday 19th Aug 7.00pm

Monday 20th Aug 7.00pm


Performance Dates

November 8-18



Lamb of God is the story of Jim, and adolescent growing up in a working class Australian house in 1968. His family has strong religious beliefs and send Jim to the local catholic school. However, while Jim’s family has strong faith, Jim is questioning his. This is under the shadow of the Vietnam war. Jim’s best mate Mick can’t wait to join his brother in Vietnam, fighting for Australia.



Jim – Adolescent struggling with his faith and growing up in a working class Australian family….Character age 16-17…Audition age 18-25


Mick – Adolescent influenced by his peers, wants to fight for his country in the Vietnam war….Character age 16-17…Audition age 18-25


Ruth – Jim’s mother. Struggling working class. Strong belief in her faith and those within the church, and uses her faith to try to keep the family together….Character and audition age 40’s to 50’s


Jack – Jim’s father. Has an injury that has prevented him from working and being able to provide for his family….. Character and audition age 40’s to 50’s


Audition Information


Auditions will be open call; no private appointments.  Please arrive at the advertised start time.

email or call for the audition page details

0419591517 or [email protected]
0419591517 or [email protected]