November 8, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – November 10, 2019 @ 10:30 pm



4000 Miles  –  BY Amy Herzog


Enquiries and for a copy of the play contact the director by email: [email protected]   OR phone: 0402222090
Auditions will be strictly by appointment. An electronic copy of the script will be provided, together with a list of sections to be read at audition for each character. Please also provide a theatre resume and head shot prior to the audition.

Audition dates:

Sunday December 8th at 7pm
Wednesday December 11th at 7pm

Audition venue:

Guide Hall, Glebe Ave., Cheltenham (off Charman Rd)

Season Dates

April 17, 18, 19*, 23, 24, 25**, 26*, 30 April, 1, 2 May.
Evenings 8pm. Matinees **Saturday & *Sundays 2pm


This Pulitzer prize-nominated play tells the story of Leo, a disconnected 21 year-old boy who has had a number of personal setbacks and a particular tragedy as he cycled across the US to New York, to be with his 90 year-old grandmother, Vera, as he has no-one else to turn to. Vera is a feisty Marxist who is struggling with the challenges of ageing and loss of long-standing friends. Leo and Vera share time together, finding common ground as they reveal painful and sometimes unexpected events in their respective lives. Leo’s girlfriend Becca arrives to break up with Leo, whom she regards as aimless, further adding to his pain. During a brief fling with a young chirpy, uninhibited but fiercely anti-Communist student, Leo reveals more of his life and family. The bond between Leo and Vera strengthens as they share a further sad event. This is a poignant and moving story shared across a two generational gap. It deals with the human condition in a touching and very meaningful way. This is the  premier Australian non-professional production.


LEO: He is a free-spirited but emotionally damaged young man of 21 years, who has cycled across the US, and is coping with a tragedy en route. His personal life is also not going well, and he turns to his eccentric New York grand-mother, who becomes something of a soul mate. This is a major role for an experienced actor willing to explore the nuances of this complex character. Actor aged 18-28.

VERA: Leo’s step grand-mother is 90 years old, but retains her radical leftist political views, in spite of her physical and mental challenges of hearing, balance and memory loss. She is the last survivor of a group of Marxists, and defiantly lives alone, never having had her own children. She and Leo are odd soul mates and share their losses, regrets and frustrations. She is tough but has a very warm heart. A major role for an experienced actor able to inhabit this fascinating soul. Age 65-85.

BECCA: Leo’s 21 year-old girlfriend, who does not feel he ever loved her, and that he is aimless and lost, and that she cannot live up to his idealised version of her. Having started College in New York she comes to the apartment to break up with Leo, and briefly develops a rapport with Vera. She is  angry with Leo, but also worries about him. A modest but powerful role for an experienced actor. Age 18-28.

AMANDA: A 19 year-old Chinese-American (or possibly Russian) fashion-forward student who Leo has picked up in a bar. She aspires to becoming an international art star. Her family is wealthy, running a dim-sum empire. She is a drunk and rather wild and uninhibited but passionately anti-communist. Their brief relationship goes nowhere. A small but meaty role for an experienced and expressive actor. Age 16-22.

No roles have been pre-cast.

Californian/middle American accents are required for the younger roles, while Vera could be a New Yorker.