Meet the cast of GSODA Inc.'s EURÖBEAT: Almöst Eurövisiöñ.


France – Emily Donoghue sings "Viande D'Amour" as Estelle LaCroix

Germany – Ian Nash-Gilchrist sings "Simply" as Herbert Gonomeyer Jr.

Iceland – Kethly Hemsworth sings "Love Ballad #3A" as Gert Grollmesdetter


Norway – Jackson Thomas and Tony Wasley sing "The Vikings" as Hammer Of Thor

Russia – Tony Wasley, Jackson Thomas, Aaron Taylor, Jordan Middlekoop and Rhys Carlson sing "Ice Queen" as the K.G.Boiz

Sweden – Aaron Taylor, Jenna Irvin, Saskia Norrington and Rhys Carlson sing "Same Old Song" as JARS


Ukraine – Jenn Stirk sings "Bang Me" as Anitchka

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