Written by and starring Eddie Perfect, and directed by Simon Phillips, The Beast is an organic, free range, jet-black comedy that holds a hand-crafted chef’s blade to the throat of modern Australia.

When three tree-changing couples flee their dark past, they quickly find the country life is not all (locally sourced) peaches and (hand churned, bicycle-delivered) cream. For these city dwellers, living an ethical and sustainable life in the country, raising vegetables and lowering carbon footprints, is a means to atone for past sins.

But when a fourteen month old Angus calf is purchased for a respectful, face-your-food, nose-to-tail dinner party, the reality of life on the land is more confronting than any of them could have imagined. Lies are exposed, illusions shattered, and suppressed secrets leaked like chocolate sauce from a perfectly cooked fondant. Mmmm.

Eddie Perfect’s confronting, disturbing and hilarious play gleefully tears apart middle-class trends, social climbers, foodies, wine-snobs, helicopter parents, self-serving do-gooders and self-righteous gardeners. It’s about the lies we tell ourselves every single day.

There will be blood. There will be food. There will be perfectly matched wine. It’s the worst dinner party ever. And you’re invited. 

SYDNEY| Sydney Opera House, Drama Theatre| 27            July–14 August

MELBOURNE| Comedy Theatre| 25 August–4 September