While he doesn’t have a big profile in Australia, Ed Night has been making big waves back home in the UK, garnering a Best Newcomer nomination in the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and achieving a sold-out run of this show An Aesthetic at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. It’s not hard to see why, as he’s clearly a highly intelligent young man with much to say about the state of the world we live in – all with an endearing twinkle in his eye.

This is a not a show for the easily offended however, as Night is not shy of controversial subjects. The crumbling state of Catholicism, sex education in schools and his own battle with the side effects of mental health medication. He’s certain of his moral view point and he’s quite comfortable with making everyone else aware of the awkward truths we should all be facing.

Night points out that he finds quite a few entertainers difficult to appreciate now that he – like the rest of us – knows the truth of their off stage personas. He calls into question the differing levels of reproach given by the media to R Kelly when compared to David Bowie considering they’ve both been reportedly as bad as one another. Even grooving to the music of Kanye West is tough when you know about his Trump loving kookiness. But his most salacious call out is of the behaviour of one of Britain’s best known comedians, who to this date has yet to truly feel the wrath of the #metoo movement despite obvious reasons he should have.

If you like shows with a purpose, this show is for you. As far as comedy shows go though, it does have more in common with a TED Talk. There are other comedians in this year’s festival that are covering the exact same subject matter, but with a lot more laugh out loud jokes to ease the tension.