An imagined exorcism interrogating an iconic Yiddish story through a feminist lens

Chamber Made presents the premiere of Dybbuks – Samara Hersch’s re-visioning of S. Ansky’s iconic Yiddish story (The Dybbuk) created for two performers, a vocalist, three musicians and a choir of intergenerational Yiddish speaking women.

 Dybbuks is part performance, part concert and part exorcism that combines mythic stories and traditional Yiddish songs with contemporary composition.

Through a staged ritual inspired by an exorcism featuring ecstatic song and music, Dybbuks foregrounds female voices that are often sidelined from hosting public ceremony in a Judeo- Christian religious context.

Inspired by her Jewish Ashkenazi heritage, Dybbuks is conceived and directed by theatre maker Samara Hersch who explains that in Yiddish mythology dybbuks are the unresolved souls who seek to find form through living bodies.

August 14 – 26