What’s that? The Breakfast Club can be a PLAY? But isn’t it a movie?! What is GOING ON?

In answer to the above question: Yes, although known as a film, The Breakfast Club can be done as a play. Basically, it has a script, therefore lending itself toward having other (non-screen actor) people reciting lines from said script whilst simultaneously wearing costumes and speaking in American accents. In fact, ARC Theatre will be demonstrating this very possibility Thursday through Saturday on their Banyule Theatre stage.

Those of you familiar with The Breakfast Club will know it as that 1985 teen-flick about a group of angsty adolescents attending Saturday detention who subsequently embark upon an unexpected emotional journey. For those of you not familiar with The Breakfast Club, here is a pie chart:



This pie chart is 94% accurate and 6% Crayola.


What’s so special about ARC doing BC? Well, for one thing, it’s their first straight play in ten years. Yes, ten whole years. Secondly, it heralds a new aspiration for the company: to operate as a ‘performing arts’ company, rather than being known solely for pumping out a musical in July. With the addition of a straight play to their 2012 season, they now encompass a fuller range of performance mediums. Choral, with their ARCapella arm; Musical, with their annual Musical Theatre production (gonna be Jekyll and Hyde this year folks, check it); and now, Straight Theatrical. Chatting to the current ARC president Evan Mulholland, he indicated it opened up the company’s accessibility for young performers in the community who are not necessarily drawn to the musical side of theatre, but rather, love a good straight play. Indeed, the large number of Breakfast Club auditionees included a significant proportion of new faces, proving this new direction worthwhile. 

So, back to the matter at hand:

The Breakfast Club:

1. Who’s in it?
2. What kind of people are they?
3. Where is the breakfast?

(1) Here is the cast list  … it will tell you who is in it.
(2) This will be answered further below.
(3) There is none. They have lunch, though.

In response to (2):

The cast and artistic team of this play are an interesting and varied bunch. To find out such, I asked them a variety of questions, arguably, but not entirely, related to The Breakfast Club. The results are displayed in the table below – which is very highschool-science of me.


Way-heyy! A table!


So what's in it for the audience? Well, first of all, you get to see the show on stage, and not in pixels. These are alive and breathing characters right here, folks! Also, there's plenty of 80's attire – which EVERYONE loves having a gander at. There may even be a scrunchie or two, but I'm not at liberty to reveal such details. 

Of the show, Spencer Hadlow (Brian) says: "For those who've seen the movie, it's a great nostalgic evening with a chance to be up close and personal with the characters that you love", and Luisa Tascone (Claire) remarks, "what we've put on stage will really make you remember your days in school. It's definitely a trip down memory lane."




As well as being a feast of shoulder pads and emotional breakdowns, ARC Theatre's The Breakfast Club is a chance to be thrown* back into the days of your high-school youth. Also, if you haven't seen it, ​not knowing The Breakfast Club is about as acceptable as wearing jeggings at a wedding. Luckily, ARC are here to help. 

The Breakfast Club runs Thursday Feb 9th to 11th at the Banyule Theatre in Heidelberg. Tickets can be booked over the phone on 0435 062 087. For more information on the show visit www.arc-theatre.com




*note: not actually thrown; metaphor. No-one at ARC will throw you.


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