Gavin D’s production photos of Dr Zhivago and TWO FREE sample tracks sung by Anthony Warlow and Lucy Maunder for you to download and enjoy.




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Yurii Zhivago (Anthony Warlow) & Lara Antipov (Lucy Maunder) read a letter from a fallen soldier.  This leads into one of the most beautiful songs in the show, "Now" (above).
Lucy Maunder Dr Zhivago

Anthony Warlow Dr Zhivago

Warlow and Maunder Dr Zhivago

Anthony Warlow Dr Zhivago


Officer Gints (Melbourne’s Anton Berezin) tries to convince his regiment to regroup and fight
Anton Berezin Dr Zhivago


Tony Farrell (Below), Todd Keys (2 Below) & Shaun Murphy (3 below), wearied soldiers for the Tsar’s army
Tony Farrell Dr Zhivago

Todd Keys -- Dr Zhivago

Shaun Murphy -- Dr Zhivago


Tensions reach boiling point as the revolution takes hold
Dr Zhivago


Liberius (Luke Joslin) stands guard over fallen comrades.
Luke Joslin -- Dr Zhivago


Liberius (Luke Joslin) and Pasha Antipov (Martin Crewes) recognise a fallen soldier.
Dr Zhivago


Soldiers and nurses leave the battlefields to return to a country in turmoil.
Dr Zhivago


Zhivago (Anthony Warlow) returns from the war to his home in Moscow.
Anthony Warlow -- Dr Zhivago


Anthony Warlow & Lucy Maunder from Dr Zhivago.

Anthony Warlow & Lucy Maunder

Anthony Warlow and Lucy Maunder -- Dr Zhivago