Gangsters, whipped cream guns, flour bombs and custard pies are enticing enough as it is for any audience but add to that singing and dancing, colourful costumes and enthusiastic performers and you’ve got an entertaining theatrical event. This is exactly what the team from Peoples Playhouse and Kidz4Kidz has put together with their July production of ‘Bugsy Malone’.

With a cast of 65, this junior production of the hilarious spoof promises to be a barrel of family fun. Set in the prohibition era in New York, Bugsy Malone follows the exciting exploits of a group of gangsters battling over speakeasies and some doe eyed dames.

And as many of you out there with children know, its currently school holidays. So why not pack up the entire family and head down to the Cranbourne Community Theatre? Here’s what the team say;

“Us hoodlems here at Peoples Playhouse we got the rights to perform Bugsy Malone at the Cranbourne Community Theatre from the 5th-13th July 2013.  So if you don’t wanna get splurged in da face with cream pie you better come see it, right.”

So here are the details;

Dates: Friday July 5th to Saturday July 13th

Where: Cranbourne Community Theatre Brunt St, Cranbourne

Tickets and other enquiries: or call 0402 197 390