Dom Chambers’ unconventional approach to magic has seen him perform to audiences all around the globe, from the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent to staring in the Broadway hit, The Illusionists. Through 2021, with live performance and travel restrictions bringing the arts industry to a global halt, Dom has been working his magic on the digital stage.

“I was slowly losing my mind in the world’s most locked-down city, so I turned to making social media content. I think my mental state was reflected in many of the videos…”. Dom said of his time during Melbourne’s 267 days of lockdown. “I’ve been doing the odd virtual show too, and let me tell you – there’s nothing more exhilarating than performing card tricks through a webcam to a muted audience.” 

But the up-close and personal approach of A Boy and His Deck brings audiences into a coming-of-age-story like no other. Playing cards, a mysterious underground legend, and an impossible quest for both approval and individuality – A Boy and His Deck is a hysterical glimpse into the life of an obsessed teenager trying to find his path as a magician. 

“A Boy and His Deck is probably my favourite show I’ve created. It was originally an excuse to return to my roots in magic. But it’s now become a somewhat thematic, narrative-driven piece of theatre about finding my path as a magician – layered with dick jokes….” 

One thing is certain – you’ll never look at a deck of cards in the same way again.

Image: Shaun Higgins