Having enjoyed seasons in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, New York and London performing for sell-out crowds in world-class venues, Dolly Diamond is thrilled to be making her Queensland premiere at The Spiegeltent on the Gold Coast. Theatre People spoke to Dolly ahead of her April 23rd show.

Nichole: Hey Dolly, it is wonderful to hear that you will be performing on the Gold Coast in April! For those who have not seen Blankety Blanks before, what is your show about and what can the audience expect?

Dolly: It’s pretty true to the television format where I have 6 celebrities onstage with me and then we get two contestants from the audience. I ask the contestants a question with a word (blank) missing and while they think of an answer so to do our celebrities …
If they both match, they score a point.

The show relies heavily on smut and innuendo …. the story of my life.

Nichole: You have travelled throughout the world, what are your favourite things from the countries you have visited?

Dolly: Well it has to be the people really. I find people all over the world just want to enjoy a night out and laugh their arse’s off. I love travelling and being on the festival circuit … and who doesn’t love a Spiegeltent?!?!

Nichole: Have you performed on the Gold Coast before?

Dolly: No it’s my first time … I’ve had a holiday up there though and it’s gorgeous. It’s exciting being a virgin again, be gentle with me GC … Don’t worry though, I’m a quick study.

Nichole: Are there any places here that you are excited to visit?

Dolly: I do love an after show beverage, so a night at Sin City might be fun? Or just finding a local who’s willing to take me up the BLANK!

Nichole: QLD can be very hot this time of the year, what are your tips as an entertainer for staying cool and energetic during the show?

Dolly: Air conditioning – It’s an hour long show, so I think I can hack it. I love the heat, but if my make-up starts to melt and I look like Voldemort, you’ll know why.

Nichole: If you could invite one celebrity on your show who would it be and why?

Dolly: Oooh, that’s a great question.
I’m going with Dolly Parton, because that way I’d get to meet her.

Nichole: Your outfits are stunning! Who are they designed by and do you have a favourite?

Dolly: I have quite a few Mathieu Salem dresses, he’s a fabulous designer. I don’t mind OTR #OffTheRack. If you know what you like you can make it work. Just starting wearing Leina Broughton, who’s based in Burleigh Heads.

Nichole: When did you realise that you wanted to be an entertainer?

Dolly: All my life …. I was onstage in London when I was 10. I feel lucky that that’s what I always wanted to do and I’m actually managing to do it. It’s a tough business and if you can survive it you’re doing well.

Nichole: What is your earliest performance memory?

Dolly: I was Annie. When I would sing ‘The sun’ll come out tomorrow’ , you knew it bloody well would.

Nichole: What or who is your inspiration for performing?

Dolly: I think it comes from within, it’s a need to perform, show off and clown. I’ve always admired people who can make me laugh though.

Nichole: If someone said to you that you inspired them to enter the industry and they wanted advice, what would you say to them?

Dolly: Go for it. Work out what you’re good at and give it everything you’ve got. You’ll need to motivate yourself everyday of your life but when you stand there and hear the applause, that’s yours …. you earned it.

Tickets and further information on Dolly Di*amond’s Bl*nkety Bl*nks can be found at https://www.spiegeltentgoldcoast.com/what-s-on/dolly-di-mond-s-bl-nkety-bl-nks