More Australians have seen Dimboola than any other musical, comedy or play. 

Dimboola: A Wedding Reception Play

“A marriage is made to be broken,
The ring you wear is a horseshoe token.
The bonds you forge at the altar
Are really a yoke and a halter…”

Dimboola is a celebration of the wedding of Morrie McAdam – a Protestant – to Reen Delaney – a Catholic.  The two families come together for the wedding which Jack Hibberd calls: “…the testing of strengths of the newly conjugated tribes.”  The family members try to preserve social grace and dignity in the face of impending disasters.   And disasters there are a plenty! After the drink has flowed a little too freely, mayhem and humour ensues when the families exchange insults and punches, as they resolve to come to terms with the situation.  No Worries! 
Dimboola was written by Jack Hibberd in 1969 and had its premier at La Mama, directed by Graeme Blundell and featured such actors as Bruce Spence, Lindy Davies, John Romeril, Peter Cummins, Kerry Dwyer and Martin Phelan.  It is said to be Australia’s most performed play, with more Australians having seen Dimboola than any other musical, comedy or play. 
The play grew out of a reading in London of Anton Chekhov’s The Wedding and Bertolt Brecht’s farce A Respectable Wedding.
The play uses audience participation to a very high degree; audience members are greeted by the father of the bride and the new arrivals are announced to the audience.  Glasses of sherry and food are served by the actors, the auditorium is set up with tables and decorated with balloons and streamers.  Audience members are assigned characters and actors improvise with them during the play’s fights and shenanigans. The alcohol consumed on stage is often real.
The iconic and celebratory Dimboola now comes to the Dandenong Theatre Company:  “From all reports the first rehearsal was a bloody ripper, so we can all expect a top notch show.
Booking Info:
Dandenong Theatre Company
The Castle at Hemmings Park, Princes Hwy, Dandenong
Friday May 14, Saturday May 15, Thursday May 20, Friday May 21
Saturday May 22
Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7.30pm sharp.
2 course meal included with ticket price.
Pre-booking is advised..9771 6666