This will be the Australian premier of French puppeteer Dominique Croset’s hilarious absurdist comedy Dil & Do Season 1. With this puppet show for adults, the audience members will be welcome to experience funny objects and sex toys coming to life to challenge our concepts of gender and social norms.

Croset, who has worked with renowned French playwrights and artistic directors such as Luc Montech, Michel Lataste and Vinco Vinski, says Dil & Do challenges perceptions of gender roles and social norms.

“I want to liberate stale concepts of pleasure and sexuality,” she says.

Set in a health and wellbeing exhibition Croset and fellow actor Nicola De Rosho-Davies inhabit the life of various sex toys ranging from a philosophical yogi master to the steroid-fuelled tyrannical infantry colonel to a flying vulva ogress to tell the story of the evolution of the feminine and masculine.

The final of five short episodes culminates with a satire of patriarchal oppression and warfare through the use of “little jumping willies” serving under the abusive authority of a giant male sextoy.

January 13 – 18