BBMTC_3475 (1)“So, did y’hear the story of the Johnstone twins?

As like each other as two news pins,

Of one womb born on the self same day,

How one was kept and one given away?”

These opening lines from Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers give tell of the impending sad story to come. Set in Liverpool in the 1960s, Rusell’s show presents the stark contrast of a life lived in the lap of luxury vs a life of survival where money is scarce, and how those factors influence the direction of the lives of the central characters.

Mornington Players open their season of Blood Brothers on Friday May 11th, and director Colin Armstrong has held the show in high esteem since he saw the original Melbourne season, starring David Soul. BBMTC_3462_preview“Willy Russell’s story of The Johnstone twins is simply a dramatic and musical masterpiece. It considers class, fate and destiny, childhood and adolescence, surrogacy, superstition, humour and tragedy. The characters and their situations are real. It is an emotional rollercoaster”.

Rehearsing with the company of Mornington’s Blood Brothers has been has been a joy for Armstrong. “The cast have simply been incredible to work with. I value each of their talents equally and they bring such a wealth of knowledge and life […]. I have a rule that a good idea is simply that, regardless of who thought of it. Within this cast we have had several instances where their idea is how we ultimately will present that scene or moment”.

“There are many heart wrenching moments in this show which resonate each time I watch it”, continues Armstrong. “My favourite part of the show is what I call the “Summer Sequence” in the second act. We see the boys (Mickey and Eddie) and Linda age from 15 to 18 in space of a few minutes, but each summer is marked by a different scene of friendship and hope, their lives are inseparable and filled with dreams. The underscoring is sensational and our Narrator (Mike Gardiner) takes us on a poetic journey. This is a great piece of theatre”.

BBMTC_3479Mornington Players’ season of Blood Brothers is running from May 11 through 19 at the Cranbourne Community Theatre.

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