In the 1980, they told us to 'Whip It' and whip it good, now 32 years later, and on the eve of their Australian tour, Devo announce they have plans to premiere Devo: The Musical.



The band's co-founder, Gerard Casale, said ''We're in the middle of working on it. We have it all laid out. We have the book, the libretto. Of course, we need start-up money and we're talking with investors.'' Casale hopes to be able to take the musical to Broadway.

Casale co-wrote most of Devo's material (including the hit "Whip It"), designed Devo's distinctive attire (including the Energy Dome, plastic pompadours, and yellow radiation suits) over the years and directed most of Devo's videos. He has also directed videos for other artists, including Silverchair and The Foo Fighters.

Devo kick off their Australian tour at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on November 30. Tickets available through Ticketmaster