Top 10 Tips for Surviving Motherhood & Life on Stage  – by Debora Krizak


1.    Buy earplugs and pretend you can sleep in until 9am on a double show day.

2.    Freeze as many meals as possible and then be tempted to defrost that Kiddie pasta dish at midnight after a show.

3.    Buy lollies and stash them in your handbag for your dressing room. Forget about the kids – sugar is bad remember!

4.    Caffeine.

5.    Wine – at least I am honest.

6.    Blame the kids when you miss a cue.

7.    When in doubt lie – that’s not vomit on my jacket it’s porridge.

8.    Never ask anyone else how much sleep they’re getting.

9.    Your kids will always tell you to stop singing when you’re practising for an audition. Take it as a sign.

10.  Stop at 2 – kids that is, twins are preferable. But have a good mate to sing you show tunes while you dig yourself a ditch until they turn 3!


Debora Krizak

Anything Goes is playing at QPAC in Brisbane until Sunday 16th August before moving to Sydney on Saturday 5th September

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Debora Krizak with Wayne Scott Kermond in Anything Goes

Debora Krizak with Wayne Scott Kermond in Anything Goes