You know his voice from KIIS FM and he’s been on plenty of Australian TV shows, but Dave Hughes is back with his latest show, Deluded as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A good intro to the show is his by line for it- “Did you know if you type Hughesy into your iPhone it autocorrects to “highest”? He’s pretty confident and comfortable with his humour and his show, and given how long he’s been around Melbourne’s comedy scene, he has amassed many people who like what he does. He’s pretty quick witted, claiming to be the classic bogan bloke with his swearing and his hardcore ‘Occa’ accent, his love of footy and his slight tendency for dirty or offensive jokes ( though to my surprise, not too dirty, not too offensive and not too “politically incorrect”).

“Good on you for coming to see bloody Uncle Hughesy” he cackles to two young women he’s decided to single out, and get a little excited about the concept of them kissing, but not as offensive as some other comedians would, and have. His humour isn’t one for embracing minority groups, usually making them the butt of his jokes, but he was certainly more restrained that he has been previously in shows and on radio.

A few jokes are a bit too soon – like jokes about the ACA scandal with a former reporter. He’s the comedian of my parents’ generation, or the middle aged right now- he’ s grown up in that space between baby boomers and millennials and watched the changes.  Making fun of things and other people is how his act takes shape, including making fun of his kids, public transport, lesbians, poo and wee jokes, and vegetarians. His baby voice is creepy, but he gives fantastic facial expressions and great timing along with his jokes. He talks honestly of being a parent, picks on audience members and late comers and spins jokes out of each interaction. He pulls material from current affairs and current happenings

He chooses not to weigh in on politics or world affairs, and while hi’s comedy isn’t deep and meaningful, or thought provoking and philosophical, we don’t expect it to be: he doesn’t take himself or his stories too seriously; he’s just there to entertain the audience and make people laugh. Stories of his wife and kids are relatable, he’s relaxed but well paced with his delivery and his brand of humour and recognisable voice has made him a well known household name.

Catch Deluded Dave Hughes at the Athenaeum Theatre until 22nd April. Tickets and more info at: