Queens of the Cabaret Comedy circuit, Dash and D’Bree, talk about their new show, Fierce, as well as  their fierce lady characters and some fierce bits in-between.

How would you describe this show to someone who knew nothing about it – what are your favourite bits and why?

Hayley (Dash) – Well you’ll meet Dash, a flighty, man loving wannabe Disney princess and her booty twerking, throw your hands up at me independent best friend D’Bree – two whack best friends who are trying to make sense of modern womanhood. They’re kinda like your best friend or awkward older sister, when they overdose on sugar and go silly.  The characters are based on that “superficial retail girl” stereotype, but now they are trying to go deeper to find themselves and their place in the world. They’re fascinated and equally confused about the word “fierce” and how to be a “fierce” woman and they’re gonna try to work it out through their own original songs.

Kat (D’Bree) – There’s a bit of beat poetry with D’Bree on the bongos but letting rip with our ridic upbeat music is our favourite bit for sure. There’s a rap battle where D’Bree educates Dash on being a feminist when she isn’t sure she is one, a disco inspired song about loving your body and a dance anthem about touching your hair, oh and D’Bree becomes a drag queen.

What was the idea that sparked the show and how long did it then take to get the show live – what were some of the challenges along the way?

Hayley (Dash) – Last year, we returned to stage after creating our first web series and we weren’t really sure what the show would be, we just wanted to be “fierce” because we watch a lot of America’s Next Top Model and RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Then we were like, hang on – what is being “fierce” anyway, how can a couple of girls from the ‘burbs be fierce? There are so many mixed messages for women, “be confident, live fierce, love yourself but just be thinner.” We developed the show further for Adelaide Fringe this year with some original and cover songs and then decided to completely flesh out this idea, with entirely original music for Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

Kat (D’Bree) – The challenge for us, like many independent artists is that we do everything ourselves. We produce, we promote as well as creating the work.  Oh and so sometimes we carb load so much that we can’t want to get off the couch to rehearse. It can get hard to sing when you’re full of pepperoni pizza and a large fettuccine carbonara, and ice cream sundaes, with extra fudge sauce.

What would you consider to be one of the main highlights of your career and why?

Kat (D’Bree) – We created and produced a 8 x 5 min web series, which has been really well received. It was and huge undertaking to make – we’re really proud of how rad it is and it has given us some great opportunities. Oh and we have literally hung out with the incredible Dannii Minogue post our appearance on Australia’s Got Talent five years ago. She’s a living lady legend.

Hayley (Dash) – It’s also a highlight every day, to work and laugh with your real life BFF – we’ve been ridicheads together for nearly eight years. We’ve remained the closest of friends and we love the crap out of each other. I reckon it’s a big big highlight to be creating something with someone for so long, still be the best of friends, still have ideas and still have so much fun.

What was the genesis moment for you when you knew you wanted to be a performer – who would you consider to be a main inspiration?

Hayley (Dash) – The genesis moment came very early for me making up plays with my cousins and forcing my family to watch them. I started acting classes at St Martins when I moved to Melbourne at 13 and then throughout my life singing Madonna, Kylie Minogue and more recently, Beyonce, in the mirror and generally just being a massive dag has always been my main source of inspiration.

Kat (D’Bree) – I had a poster of Leonardo DiCaprio that I ripped out of a TV Hits magazine stuck it on my wall to remind me that he was going to be my husband. If I became an actor – he would fall in love with me, right? I have also been fascinated by drag queens and did a female drag queen character, like nearly 10 years ago. I love being absurd and extreme as a performer and being D’Bree gives me a chance to explore that. And you never know, Leonardo may be waiting for the right Bio Queen to come into his life.

What’s on your wish list creatively – what would you still like to accomplish?

Kat (D’Bree) – Obviously, to be really famous – record a sick album, tour the world, sell out the Rod Laver Arena, hang with the Biebs and get more than seven likes on a Face book post or you know, just one four star review.

Hayley (Dash) – I’d love to put a SOLD OUT sticker for one of our shows, and tour ourselves throughout the ‘burbs and the country, maybe New Zealand. Get the fierce word out there and continue having a ball together and with our audiences. Oh and keep making music, sweet original whack music.

Kat (D’Bree) – We’d also love to make our second web series, which we’re currently developing as an awesome music comedy series and to make lots online silliness too.

Catch the Fierce act at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival

June 23 – 25