Danny Bhoy’s performance was masterful! A perfect balance between side-splitting comedy and topical issues. ‘Age of Fools’ manages to raise serious issues that need to be brought to the forefront of the public’s thinking, while keeping everyone entertained and in a constant state of laughter. Bhoy doesn’t leave the audience in any doubt about his political opinions, and his comments about his own current Prime Minister (who he refers to as ‘the dead owl’) as well as Donald Trump, were cutting.  The lack of offense felt by myself (and probably 99% of the audience) to any of his humour was probably because we clearly share political and environmental viewpoints.

For those of you lucky enough to get seats in the front row, whatever you do, don’t be late. Or do anything else to upset him, as Bhoy shows no hesitation in correcting poor etiquette or foolish behaviour. Quite a number of people in the front row felt the lash of his biting wit throughout the show. While thoroughly amusing for the rest of the audience, it must have been mortifying the people in question. A few of them seemed to bolt for the exit the second the show was over – I wonder if it was connected?

My only criticism of the content of the show was the constant repeat of his initially highly amusing mimicry of the US President denying climate change (“Chinese Hoax”) after every topic. Danny Bhoy’s ability to capture a wide range of accents was used to excellent effect to support his comedy – the Spanish chef complaining about squishy British sausages, the German Chancellor tittering about Justin Trudeau, and his frequent reference to Australian bogan’s were all excellent. His ‘bit’ about Donald Trump was just as amusing, but became less so with each repeat.

If you have the opportunity to get to a Danny Bhoy show, jump at the chance – anyone who can make us laugh at the mess the world is in at the moment is a truly gifted comedian!