Daniel Connell’s opening night at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival left the audience with a lingering smirk on their faces.

He said he likes ‘A Bit of Shush’ and received anything but that from his intellectual brand of humour. He’s a statuesque guy with plenty of hilarious anecdotes to tell.   He charms with his sincere and satirical view of the world.

His Bit of Shush is a surprising bit of brilliance.  He manages to combine both Australian colloquial themes and political events into intriguing and entertaining stories. Daniel deliberates a number of controversial topics, such as the rescue of the humble Aussie snag from the arrival of internationally flavoured sausages, invading backyard barbeques.  Corners of mouths turn upward at his vehement love and defense of the patriotic slim or thick variety, found outside Melbourne Bunning stores on Saturday mornings. He too inevitably succumbs to the all the rich, yummy diversity of international flavours’ arriving in Melbourne.

Daniel delivers his running gags in a usually soothing monotone voice and allows a few seconds for your cheeks to relax from smiling and laughing. His relatable show covers a broad spectrum of philosophies, from the life of billionaire Elon Musk to ethical lessons from his grandfather.

We hear a tale regarding mother’s possessing ‘super human’ strength when their children are trapped under heavy objects.  He recalls one particular Queensland mum and her ten-year-old daughter riding her quad bike.   She’d been cajoling her  ‘Tammara, pull a mono,’ when the small child flipped the one-tonne bike onto herself.  At first, the mum was reluctant to put down her can of bourbon and coke and ‘ciggie’, yet somehow managed to lift the bike off her daughter with one sleeve-tattooed arm.

Without giving away too many spoilers, one of the re-occurring jokes was priceless and sum’s up Daniel’s request for ‘a bit of shush please’.  He’s not a fan of hoon drivers and after years of witnessing years of a hoon driving his 90s Holden Commodore, at ridiculously fast speeds past his grandfather’s home, Daniel recall’s his grandfather’s poignant advice; ‘a dickhead behind the wheel is a dickhead for real.’

Daniel Connell’s version of A Bit of Shush is a quiet and extremely amusing show and not to be missed at this year’s festival.