Rebecca Amissah had already completed a one year musical theatre course, but with just a basic level of technical training, she knew this was not going to be enough dance training to be able to pursue a professional career in the industry. Looking to further develop her dance skills, Rebecca Amissah enrolled into CBS Dance.

I asked Rebecca Amissah why she specifically chose CBS Dance and she explained it was Jenny Patrone, the Course Creator for CBS Dance.

“She was a guest tutor where I started my training and in the few sessions we had, I really felt a difference in the way she approaches teaching dance.  It’s so easy to feel intimidated when learning something like dance, as it is so obvious when you are struggling. Jenny and her hand-picked team understand this and start from basic principles of how to move your body. It gave me an understanding of the impetus of movement and how to relate that to my body.”

The CBS Dance course is unique. To quote the company’s website:

Our course is like no other, with a specific method and structure designed for professional actors and singers. Complimenting previous training, we ensure all who sign up continue to grow as well rounded performers, prepared for a career with longevity and the confidence to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Incorporating a variety of styles including Swing and Ballroom, we will ensure you are ready for any dance call. Teaching not only the steps, you will learn the historical background of these timeless styles that are very much a part of traditional and modern Musical Theatre. With classes in the foundation styles of Jazz, Ballet and Tap, the combination of strong technique, historical knowledge and applying existing acting skills, our training will help develop and nurture you into a truly prepared and confident artist. And we make sure we have a bit of fun along the way too.

Workshops and lectures in Injury Prevention, Business, Marketing and Social Media are also key features in our course, providing you with confidence knowing you are working at your professional peak.

This is an ever changing industry, with an even higher demand now for versatility and well rounded performers. 

Because our faculty are in this with you, we know what is expected of actors and singers and we will make sure you do too. Plus, working with industry professionals who also know how to really teach is the biggest advantage of all … and we’ve got that covered.

In fact, Rebecca Amissah was so impressed with the training provided by CBS Dance she returned to learn more.

“I have actually done the course three times! Shannon, the UK Course leader says, you can’t ‘cram the body’ to learn as you can cram the mind for a test, you need repetition and consistency and because of the level I started from, this was the best route for me. With each course I felt stronger and more accomplished and now can go to a movement call with more confidence so I can concentrate on the performance,” Amissah explained.

What impressed Rebecca Amissah the most about CBS Dance was the tutors.

“Every single tutor that has come in has the same philosophy and really help you do the best that you can. You are not going to come off the course and be able to do box spit in the air if you didn’t have that available to you, but you will definitely feel more confident, competent and actually enjoy the idea of dancing for others to watch.”

The training at CBS Dance lead Rebecca Amissah to the ultimate success for any budding performer.

“I got a job! There was a big dance scene in the show and I was able to hold my own, which my agent and friends were impressed by. I even had a CBS team come to watch the show which is another bonus. It becomes a family and we do our best to support each other’s shows.  I have also walked out of movement calls feeling like I nailed the audition, rather than wanting to hide under a stone!”

Rebecca Amissah credits her success to the training she received at CBS Dance. She commented that CBS Dance is perfect for “anyone who is fed up of feeling like they wanna cry after a dance call or feels intimidated by the idea of an open dance class”.

“I don’t think I would have been able to attend several movement calls with confidence without this amazing faculty. It’s never a waste of money to invest in yourself so just go for it!”

A new course commences in Melbourne in July and enrolments are limited. Head to the website for more details: