OXAGEN productions are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to complete the crew for Monty Python's Spamalot. This is an opportunity to be a part of a musical which celebrates the fun in silliness and in true monty python fashion, pokes fun at almost everything. The cast and production team of Spamalot are very talented and OXAGEN productions is a vibrant young company with big prospects in its future.

Currently available backstage positions are Q-Lab/Multimedia operator (experience preferred but not required) and Stage Mech.

The show performs from the 5th-7th and 11th-13th of October with a tech week from the 1st of October until the 4th of October. All calls are in the evening except for Sunday 7th of October which is a 3:00pm matinee. Spamalot is performing at the Madeleine Centre, Genazzano College, 301 cotham road Kew, 3101.

If you think you might be interested in working on this production please contact Lachlan O'Connor on 0412 226 809 or by email at [email protected]

Spamalot Production Schedule-Stage Rehearsals and performances            
Date                                    call time              finish                Call details
Monday, 01/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    01:00 AM    Technical Rehearsal (with Keys) (8:00pm Curtain)     
Tuesday, 02/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    01:00 AM    2nd Tech (with Keys) (8:00pm Curtain)          
Wednesday, 03/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    01:00 AM    Dress Run (8:00pm Curtain)    
Thursday, 04/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    01:00 AM    2nd Dress (8:00pm Curtain)              
Friday, 05/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    11:00 PM    Performance (8:00pm Curtain)                           
Saturday, 06/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    11:00 PM    Performance (8:00pm Curtain)            
Sunday, 07/10/2012    01:30 PM    –    06:30 PM    Performance (3:00pm Curtain)             
Thursday, 11/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    11:00 PM    Performance (8:00pm Curtain)          
Friday, 12/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    11:00 PM    Performance (8:00pm Curtain)           
Saturday, 13/10/2012    06:30 PM    –    01:00 AM    Performance (8:00pm Curtain) And Bump Out 11-1"