Creature, a modern retelling of the 1899 Australian classic children’s book, Dot and the Kangaroo, featuring breathtaking aerial acrobatics, live music and spectacular 3D projections will be performed on Arts Centre Melbourne’s Playhouse stage in May.

The classic Australian story by Ethel C. Pedley jumps into the digital age with an immersive stage adaptation that takes audiences into the magical world of the Australian bush and explores how human actions affect the animals and plants that call it home. Audiences see indigenous flora and fauna, meet creatures in their natural habitat and explore their quirky characteristics amidst the beauty and fragility of the bush. The beautiful production incorporates dance, acrobatics, aerials and storytelling with interactive technology.

The story follows 5-year-old Dot who, lost in the bush, is rescued by a kangaroo who gives her magic ‘berries of understanding’ that allow her to follow the languages of all the animals and insects around her. With this new gift, Dot and the Kangaroo set out on an action-packed adventure to return her home – an adventure that changes the way she sees the Australian bush and her place within it forever.  Like the book, it examines the impact of humans on the unique native and how human actions and choices affect the world.

Dot and the Kangaroo, the children’s book written by Ethel C. Pedley has been a best-seller with more than 22 reprints since 1899. The book was adapted into a stage production in 1924 and into an award-winning film in 1977 by Yoram Gross, featuring a combination of live-action and animation layered onto film of real bushland. The film was shown around the world and another eight films about Dot were made, all with the theme of the negative impact of humanity on Australia’s indigenous animal life.

12 May 2018 : 11am, 2pm, 6pm