Director Bryce Ives and writer Doug  MacLeod have collaborated to produce the debut season of an original musical about the legendary lady's life. Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert premieres at TheatreWorks in St Kilda this November with the masterchef herself prevailing at opening night. The loving tribute show will bring the story of Margaret's climb into the corporate kitchen to the stage with all the life and vibrancy of the renowned culinary expert.

Of casting talented young up-and-coming Amy Lehpamer, Ives comments that the simplest way of portraying Margaret was to cast an older performer who reflected the funny little lady Australians see on cookbook covers and Woolworth's commercials. Instead, Lehpamer will sharpen her cooking skills in a fully functional, fast paced stage kitchen complete with percussive pots and pans. Margaret overcame a glass-ceilinged environment before the development of women's liberation and lived a professional bohemian's life, teaching the blind, publishing a book which sold over 200 000 copies in its first year and bringing multicultural cooking to the average Australian table – surely the unstoppable Amy can meet the challenge presented by perfect pavlova. 

"It's a really exciting opportunity to celebrate her life because I don't think we celebrate enough great women.''


Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert
Theatre Works, St Kilda, November 16-December 1