If you were one of the many people disappointed that The Cursed Child is yet to come to Melbourne, don’t panic. Completely Improvised Potter is the next best thing. If J.K. Rowling could write you a novel that was different every time you read it, I’m sure she would at least try. Instead we give to you one of the most unique shows ever to be performed at the Butterfly Club.


Using an audience-suggested title drawn from the Goblet of Fire, Completely Improvised Potter will have you forgetting the show which Must-Not-Be-Named (The Cursed Child) and ready to indulge in the wizarding world of potions.. or cocktails, whichever you prefer.

The cast of Completely Improvised Potter solemnly swear that they are up to no good as they create brand new adventures before your very eyes. More magical than Merlin and funnier than a trip to Zonko’s, the show will appeal to Gryffindor and Slytherin alike.


Completely Improvised Potter’s cast features some of Melbourne’s finest (and nerdiest) performers, including veterans of the Big Hoo-haa!, the Improv Conspiracy, Impro Melbourne, Soothplayers, and graduates of the VCA, Fed Uni, and Chicago’s iO Theatre.


August 22 – 27