Australian Cabaret Showcase winner Bradley McCaw has just released his EP, "Highlights from CABARET: The Complete Unauthorised Biography". readers have a chance to win a copy of this EP, which features five of the nine original songs from McCaw's showcase-winning performance. The EP demonstrates McCaw's depth and versatility as a performer and gives you a taste of the show that is beginning it's international tour in Adelaide over the June long weekend.

There is one copy of the EP to give away. To win, read the article The big apple awaits a man of many talents and answer the following questions. Send your answers in an email to [email protected] with the subject "Cabaret EP Competition".

The first person to send in the correct answers will win a copy of the EP.. Good luck!



1. List, in order, the cities that McCaw will be touring as part of the Australian Cabaret Showcase prize.

2. Name the two other shows that McCaw has written that are named in the article besides Cabaret: The complete unauthorised biography.