Stephen Sondheim’s musical ‘Into the Woods’ takes fairytale characters such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, and Jack (of Beanstalk fame) and, twists them upside down and throws in a mix of other characters both good and evil to create a show with strong messages in morality, greed and family.

Waterdale will be presenting this fabulous production from July 12-15th at Parade College in Bundoora, and is shaping up to be a show worth marking on your calendar. Kathleen Amarant, who plays the Baker’s Wife, says the cast “have worked really hard to bring this show to life and can’t wait to share it with an audience! Into the Woods caters to all ages and who doesn’t love a fairytale! It’s also perfect for families on school holidays at the moment or the big kid in all of us that enjoy a classic fairytale or a fractured one… or both!” She says working to bring the show together in a relatively short rehearsal period has been challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

To do Sondheim’s music justice is not an easy talk for any performer, but the cast at Waterdale have worked tirelessly alongside director Shane Sanfilippo, musical director Rowland Brache and conductor Tyson Legg to bring the intricate melodies and witty lyrics to life in a show which is sure to be fantastic. Playing the witch, performer Jess Barlow, who has build up a formidable repertoire of roles in her time, has been described as “enchanting”, Laura Slavin as Cinderella as “glorious”, and the Princes, played by Maverick De Leon and Djon Alexander (a performer who’s talents are about to see him embark on an overseas contract for 13 months) exhibit fantastic comic timing and work fantastically off each other. 

On her role as the Baker’s Wife,  Kathleen said  “I have always admired Johanna Gleeson (Original Broadway Cast) as the Baker’s Wife and feel so lucky to now be playing that very role and making it my own. It’s such a wonderful role to play. Although she is content with her life, when an opportunity arises to better it and she sees her husband venture into the woods, she can't resist following him. In the woods she is exposed to new opportunities, excitement, and enchantment beyond her imagination, which leads her to rediscover a more passionate version of both herself and her husband. She is such a strong, grounded character and at times, blunt which I love about her and she really lets nothing get in the way of what she wants.”The artistic team has also worked hard on the costuming, hair and make up, bringing a ‘steam punk’ feel to the look of the show, creating an exceptional aesthetic on stage. Large scale sets create a playground for the performers, who have been encouraged throughout the process to bring their own ideas to the rehearsal space, creating a dynamic between the performers and the creatives which is sometimes missing in amateur theatre. Kathleen also mentioned that the cast has been “very supportive of each other, often meeting up after hours to rehearse, give feedback to one another and work on onstage relationships.” This kind of commitment and dedication from the cast shows a passion which shines through on the stage.

Into the Woods has welcomed many new faces to Waterdale, and the cast has grown very close, becoming like a family since the April auditions. It is this sense of family and closeness which is reflected onstage, making Into the Woods a must see production this July.

Tickets are just $24 for adult and $20 concession (student, child, or pensioner).
Show times are as follows: Thursday 12th July, 8pm (Opening Night)
Friday 13th July, 8pm (Fractured Fairytales Freaky Friday)
Saturday 14th July, 2pm (Baker's Afternoon Tea)
Saturday 14th July, 8pm (Closing Night) 

Tickets can be booked by visiting or emailing [email protected] With four shows only, book now to avoid missing this fantastic show.