If you’ve ever wondered (and I’m sure you have) about what goes into the making of a soap, then this is the show for you!

Colette Mann and Geoff Paine are making their MICF debut together with their ‘big acting for the small screen’ workshop, Mann Up and Take The Paine. Billed as the definitive 50-minute masterclass in working on TV soaps, this fabulously created work, with the masters of soaps, will teach you how to:

       make scripts even more believable,

       cry on cue,

       walk and talk at the same time,

       pull focus,

       make your co-actors look good (while making yourself look better), plus

       screen tests, self-tests and blood tests

Mann and Paine bring a combined 204 years (close enough) of TV industry & show business experience to the work and share the joy and pain of working on TV shows that still keep the audience guessing five nights a week.

In fact, the seed of an idea for this fine collaboration was planted while Mann and Paine were on the Neighbours set-  where they are currently playing lovers. (who saw that coming?) ” We talked about this last year whilst on set in Neighbours: a show where we invited the audience into the slightly crazy world of soaps and how they’re made,” says Paine. ” So the first draft was in January and we’ve been working it up ever since.”

Mann ascribes the initial idea to Paine. After joint discussion, Paine wrote a ‘bit’ of a script “….and then we workshopped and rehearsed … way too much for my liking …. but now here we are with a sort of improvised massaged script about making television,” says Mann.

Paine elaborates saying: “I did the structure (like a Swiss watch) and Colette does her best to pull it apart and make it Swiss cheese. But it’s funnier cheese.”

So, this is a show all about the acting – big, bold and brassy stuff – not something you would ever find ay any reputable drama school…

“This is an intensive masterclass in how to act big and quite badly and learn to laugh at yourself along the way , ” says Mann.

“And, adds, Paine, ‘You know those shows where the acting is big and it never ends?  There are certain techniques involved.  This is the master class.”  

This workshop/masterclass/love-in will involve audience participation, well-kept showbiz secrets and a survival guide for anyone caught on camera. Fun for an audience indeed! For Paine, joy has come from the connection between himself and Mann throwing each other into holes and digging each other out.

With busy actors preparing a MICF show there are apt to be challenges and this one was no different. “Colette keeps going off to do Neighbours, which is both a rich source of material and a huge drain on time,” says Paine. ” But hey, that’s the gig.  We overcame this by me turning up on set every now and then and working the script and being very critical of each other. “

In a fickle business, Mann and Paine have withstood the test of time and graced our small screens (and large), theatres, radios since the 80’s. There will be more TV in both their futures, “Hopefully together,” says Mann, “but ask me again in a month!”

Mann and Paine have honed their craft to such a point that now they want to point it to someone else. They are experts so if you ever wanted to know how they learn their lines (or the tricks they use when they don’t)? then this show is for you.

Says Paine: ” You wanna get up on stage and have a go?  This is your chance.  You may become a star* (*results may vary).”

March 26 – April 21