The smash-hit Club Swizzle, a classy cabaret variety show featuring an international cast, is taking over The Studio at the Sydney Opera House for a spectacular return season.

Last year, Club Swizzle had its premiere at The Studio before going on to wow audiences on a tour of the country. In this return season, the cast promises to serve up a fresh display of “outrageous cabaret, gravity-defying acrobatics and infectious musical revelry” and no two nights will be the same. All of the action is performed around, behind and even high above a central bar.

Among the impressive cabaret performers who’ll take to the stage in Club Swizzle is Amy G, a modern physical comedian based in New York City and described by the New York Times as “expert and inspired”. From roller-skating to playing the ukulele, her performance skills are vast.

“I’ve been an entertainer for a very long time,” Amy recently told Theatre People.

“I’ve been basically on the road as an entertainer/comedian/singer/variety artist since 2000.”

Amy has played in 44 countries worldwide, and has performed her solo show in four different languages. She admits to having a soft spot for Australia.

“I love Australia. I’ve been here many times … I’m so thrilled to be back at the Sydney Opera House. This will be my fourth show at the Opera House,” she says.

So, what is it that she enjoys so much about performing here?

“I love the audiences,” she says.

“It’s a very relaxed and a musical crowd. People just want to have a good time, and they go to see theatre, and they’ve seen a lot of wonderful shows. There’s a great cultural influx in Australia with the festival scene. People are very educated but they’re not pompous. It’s a wonderful, wonderful mix, because I’m a New Yorker and I love a New York crowd, but sometimes, they’ve just seen too much.”

Amy G returns to the Australian stage in Club Swizzle (Photo by Perou)

Amy first met Brett Haylock, Club Swizzle’s creative producer and director, in Edinburgh in 2002, and has appeared in Haylock’s acclaimed La Soiree. She’s looking forward to working with him again, along with her impressive cast mates.

Among them is Murray Hill, a New York City nightlife legend tasked with emceeing duties for Club Swizzle. Amy is excited to reunite with Hill on stage.

“We’re both New Yorkers of an age, and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a partner on stage that I adore. So, I’m super excited about that because Murray is a king in so many ways,” Amy says.

“I think just creating a new show with all of these brilliant minds, the wonderful live band, the incredible Swizzle Boys – they’re like younger brothers to me. I’ve known them for a long time.

“Everybody’s so creative and energetic and talented that I really don’t know what is going to come out of the end of this!”

So, what can audiences expect from Club Swizzle?

“It’s a bit of a cocktail of a show, and I think you’ve got some good mixologists behind the proverbial bar. We’re going to serve it up good!” she says.

“There will be comedy, there will be circus, there will be music, there will be crazy skills, there will be funny characters and, hopefully, the mix is like a good cocktail – strong and makes you feel giddy and like anything is possible!”


When: From 9 December – 29 January
Where: The Studio, Sydney Opera House
Tickets: From $69.90 on or by phone: (02) 9250 7777