I told a work colleague that I was attending the opening night of “Club Briefs” and would be reviewing the performance. “What’s it about?” he asked. At that point, having done no research and clearly living in a bubble, I replied “I don’t know, about underwear I guess”. How wrong, but how right I was.

Club BriefsReturning to Fringe World in Perth for another season, this year at Metro City Night Club (a fantastic venue for this gala) “Club Briefs” is an extraordinary blend of comedy, circus, cabaret, drag artistes and fabulousness. 

On entering the night club we were greeted by the cast in a variety of costumes, lead by the host for the evening, the statuesque Shivannah, whose comedic patter throughout the evening was hilarious. Shivannah also treated us to a change of costume between each act. The details she divulged about the design, making and purchase of her “busy Mom” costume were a gem.

The entertainment begins with a fashion parade by the cast and some invited members of the audience, my wife included. The show begins and we see an astounding variety of acts all displaying amazing talent and abilities. Captain Kidd in a trapeze act of Olympic proportions a fitting finale.

With the exception of the beat boxer, all of the performers reach a stage of undress, some down to their very brief briefs, some nude. All performers look stunning. On display are bodies that, in ancient times, would have been used as models for the carving in marble of images of the Gods. For the drag artistes it was the perfect juxtaposition: the chiselled male body wearing female clothing. “Club Briefs” is definitely worth a look.

Presented by the Briefs Factory, this 90 minute production continues until 17 February at Dali Land at Metro City, 146 Roe St, Northbridge. Age Restriction: 18+. Contains strong nudity. Tickets: $50.00 to $70.00. Bookings: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/club-briefs-fw2019