Opening night photos as CLOC celebrates 50 years of bringing quality community musical theatre to Melbourne audiences.


Simon Parris and Lea Bowen                                                        Wendy Belli and Andy Calman



Melanie Ott and Tim Cant                                                                   Melanie Ott, Peter Stanbrook

                                                                                                                 and Jodie Symes



Cathy Jeddon, Councillor Rosemary West OAM,                           Cathy and Adrian Green

Chris Emmett and Jodie Symes



Caroline Moore, Lea Bowen, Nicole McInerney                           Campbell Reither, Lana Hadgraft

and Kristin King                                                                                   and Jeremy Fletcher


Barry, Janet and John                                                                   Anne Keogh, Rosemary Smith and Peg Gill


Adrian, Kathy, Laura and Rory                                                       Adeline Hann


Kate Hendry and Natalie Powell                                                    Graham McGuffie and Merinda Backway


Carly Wickenton and Patrick Breen                                                Jenine Caruso and Dorothy Tyson



Bryony Davies and Jon Lee                                                            Barry Rechert and Angela Warner


Anna Meadows and Marcus Flood                                                 Campbell Reither and Jeremy Fletcher


42nd Street is currently playing at the National Theatre, St Kilda.

Tickets are available at theatre.
PH: 1300 362 547