In disappointing news, a building owned by CLOC was broken into last week and much loved props were stolen. Below is the official word from CLOC.


Last Thursday night, thieves broke into a portable annexe at CLOC Musical Theatre’s Heatherton facility, affectionately known as CLOCworks.

The portable annexe contained mainly costumes and props from a previous production of Man of La Mancha.  Amongst the stolen property were three full suits of armour including a mirrored shield, 11 prop swords and three inquisition hats (like KKK hats but black).  Although the swords are props, they can still do damage if not handled carefully, and they are very lifelike, so their loss is of particular concern. Also stolen were two full size mannequins, though in their haste to escape, the thieves dropped two legs and a torso in the CLOC courtyard.

Police believe there may have been several thieves involved, due to the number and weight of items stolen.  Police also suspect that the offenders may be teenagers, perhaps with an interest in medieval fantasies, such as Game of Thrones.

Anyone who may have information about the theft is urged to either contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or to submit a confidential crime report at

Above: A portion of the stolen items.

Above: A portion of the stolen items.