Cirque Adrenaline is pure energy, excitement and entertainment for everyone.

The Arts Centre Melbourne presents death defying displays and escapades.

The international troupe comprises of aerial artists, acrobats, motorbike stunt riders, fire spinners, a cheeky clown, extraordinary jugglers and beautiful dancers.  There is so much action happening at times, you wont know where to look next.

The circus begins with a traditional clown.  Ross Steeves is a Physical Comedian.  He’ll make your jaw ache from laughing at his cheeky antics.  He enthusiastically warms up the audience, preparing us for two hours of spectacular viewing.

A laser light display introducers approximately 30 performers in a dazzling entrance of bounding, jumping, tumbling, aerial spinning and dance.  Other dark figures in the background, pose on top of a two-story platform with three windows.

Next Sabrina Aganier strides slowly onto a spot lit stage.  She is a beautiful graceful contortionist.  She flexes and contorts her hyper extensive limbs into weird and wonderful poses and positions.  She performs elegantly in a hula-hoop sized ring, flying high up in the air.

The gasps or wonderment from the audience continues when the Wheel of Death appears.  Two large metal rings attached by a metal frame, three metres apart, swing up and down, resembling an over sized see-saw.  The rings are large enough to accommodate Jonathan Hernandez Reina in one ring and Diectter in the other.

The duo appear to defy gravity as they walk around the inside of the rings.  They commence running and the Wheel starts to swing in a circular motion as if it were a Ferris wheel.  They quicken their gate and increase the Wheel’s momentum.

They both jump and somersault in the air and land on the metal frame of their ring.  One of the duo climbs out onto the outside of his ring and skips with a rope and trips himself up, almost falling off the ring!

My eight-year-old niece, sister-in-law and myself look on in amazement.

Our heart rates slow down a little when Olensiy Mruz enters the stage with a medium sized metal cylinder on his shoulder.

He climbs up onto a two-metre platform where he stacks the cylinder and round three objects on top of each other.  Finally he places a small board on the top.  He shows excellent core strength, steps up and balances.  His routine includes handstands and juggling and he never topples off.

Four of the troupe Arthur Burkovskiy, Kostiyan Chernikov, Kostiyanti Chumak and Dymtro Grenko, show what it takes to swing on the High Bar.  They execute gymnastic swings and dismounts, equal to Olympic Games standards.

At the end of the first act, Alex and Nastya Mishenko literally leave us hanging.  The acrobatic duo, hang from straps and each other’s firm grip, several metres above the stage.

They effortlessly perform aerial ballet.  Their suspended dance comprises of incredibly flexible positions.  At times Alex is able to hold Nastya with one hand.

They are lowered to the stage to fasten head harnesses.  Alex hangs upside down facing her face, a hands width apart.  He spins her so fast; the outline of her body is blurred.

A comical juggler starts the second act.  The Cirque Adrenaline dancers support his endeavors by throwing him a large number of circular trays.

Next the tall two-story platform and a large trampoline are revealed.  Six men of the troupe are atop and inside it’s three windows.  They take turns bouncing onto the trampoline and off into somersaults.  They fly in the air back up into the windows or to the top of the platform.

They co-ordinate their efforts and all bounce one after another, on and off the tramp onto the platform.  This enthralls my niece and will remind any child or adult of fond memories from bouncing on a trampoline.

The Extreme Team fears no fire.  They swing their implements around their bare chested bodies.  The ends are fully ablaze.

The Extreme Team flaunts extreme agility and strength. The Strong Men Joshua Mc Gahan and Mark Flores demonstrate enormous strength during a man-supporting-man balancing act.

Others jump, flip and fling from a high bar and dismount onto safety mats. Simultaneously more members of the troupe hang up high on long sashes attached to the ceiling.  The sashes are swung fast in a circular motion from below.  In mid air, they hold miraculous horizontal positions.

The Sphere of Fear is an astonishing sight.  It is a globe shaped metallic structure, which can hold three men on motorbikes.  Diectter Pastran Jonathan Reina, William Torres and Jorge Artunduga are the dare devil riders.

The lights are dimmed and the spectacle begins.  They wear luminous safety gear and helmets.  The risky moves are mesmerizing.  Most of the audience held their breath, as three of them sped on their motorbikes around and around at quite a pace, looping each other in the Sphere.

The production elements of a Big Top Circus were all present.  Lighting and music enhanced the feeling of anticipation and impending doom, especially during the Wheel of Death and Sphere of Fear.

Cirque Adrenaline will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and relieved the troupe survived.  This is a show for the whole family and all ages.