Feed the Horse – Radish by night is intriguingly interesting.

The Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood is a wonderful quirky intimate theatre, which is a must-see venue.

Feed the Horse – Radish by night is an experiment circus art form drawing the audience into a primitive any yet surreal tribal reality,

The beginning was an attempt to present a surreal atmosphere, which kind of workes, as audience members entered into the peace, and quietness of a couple sitting centre stage frozen in an embrace, It works, as the audience did enter quietly and stayed that way which was the intended response, I felt that the addition of a little “fog” would have just enhanced that aspect to another level.

I enjoyed the start and the introduction with the transition of the modern person into a more primitive one.

The circus skills of the ensemble, along with the timing was wonderful, the tight walking and display of strength plus endurance, as the walker skillfully walks on the hands and across the body of other performers hanging onto the rope is amazing.

They use of the tightrope for other displays of acrobatics along with ropes, keep everyone’s attention.

As an experiment, engaging audience members to participate as a group is difficult at the best of times, especially when they have no clue, as to what is going on, along with the unexpected interaction between the cast, became a bit daunting to many of them.

They seemed to of been transported from the audience under the spell of being entertained to members of the tribe, with nothing between.

The concept is good, however, the execution needs to be worked on.

I enjoyed the story and the complete presentation, this is a well worth production,

It is intriguingly interesting and worth catching up with.