After a sold-out season of NEON in 2019 and in the spirit of rad 80s sequels, NEON: Reboot amps up the ghetto blaster volume to the max for more unapologetic, glam and totally tubular circus cabaret – where circus meets comedy and song in an unforgivably-big-shoulder-pads night out.

Pop on your shutter-shades and join Australia’s iconic Circus Oz under neon lights, as they celebrate everything trashy, glitzy and fabulously tragic about the 1980s.

This jam-packed hour of non-stop energy dazzles with gnarly acrobatic and aerial acts, bodacious circus feats – all in eyeball-frying bright Lycra.

Featuring a righteous cast of multitalented circus artists and hosted by the one-and-only, self-described “rock cabaret artist and Bowie enthusiast” Geraldine Quinn, NEON: Reboot is shamelessly inspired by the unforgettable songs, incredible fashion and unbridled optimism of the best decade ever.

Oh so tragically wrong, yet so wonderfully right, this is Circus Oz fed after midnight – adult, uncut and with hazardous levels of hair gel.

March 26 – April 18