PreHysterical is presented by Head First Acrobats for Perth Fringe World 2020 – a show for all ages that features incredible circus skills and slapstick comedy. The characters are three foolish Neanderthals who are navigating the day to day struggles of living in the age of hunting and gathering and being the prey of large, hungry animals.

Chelsea Angell, Isaac Lawry and Thomas Gorham have fun with the characters in between showing their respective circus and acrobatic skills. Chelsea Angell’s hula hooping and silks displays are excellent, while Isaac Lawry and Thomas Gorham demonstrate their amazing strength and agility in acrobatic stunts, break dancing and martial arts.

A more intimate lighting design, at times, would focus the action better, though the likeability of this production is sure to charm the whole family. Full of tongue-in-cheek humour, a dynamic soundtrack and a variety of stunts and slapstick comedy keeps the momentum of fun and energy throughout.

PreHysterical runs for 45 minutes and is showing at Teatro, The Woodside Pleasure Garden, Russel Square, cnr James St and Shenton St, Northbridge.

Jan 21st – 31st at 3:30pm (excluding Mondays)

Feb 1st – 16th at 3.30pm (only on Saturday and Sunday)

Ticket prices: from $20.00 to $25.00


Photo credit: Chris Herzfeld