Victoria Black grew up in Northern Ireland and began skating as a child. It wasn’t long before she was competing at an international level, representing Great Britain. Black loved to skate and loved the sport, but she reached a point where she didn’t want to compete anymore. Specifically, she wanted to enjoy the skating without the pressure of competition. The natural next step was to become a professional skater in a show – and there was one in particular that came to mind: Disney On Ice.

When Black first joined the cast of Disney On Ice she expected to only stay in the job for a year or two in order to travel the world, but after twelve years she has only now finally retired. She has performed on every continent except Antarctica and in 24 different countries. Black was simply enjoying it too much to leave.

“To do what you love to do for a job is something really special and you never take it for granted. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” explains Black. “I really feel like that. I used to go to work every day, dress up and perform and entertain – it’s truly magical.”

Black played various characters in the Disney On Ice shows including Snow White, the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and various other princesses, but it is Cinderella that really captured her heart. She played the role for nine years.

Cinderella – such an iconic Disney character and known by anyone from 3 to 83 years of age. To play that character everyday, Black explains, is a very special experience. But even better, Cinderella got to play the role opposite her own husband. Yes, this Cinderella is actually married to her Prince Charming in real life. Black says she hoped their real life chemistry and own love story would add a little more magic and sparkle to those characters falling in love every performance.

Cinderella with Prince Charming

Black loves the response from the audiences during the show – in particular, the gasps of delight when Cinderella’s carriage enters the rink. Black says it’s every little girl’s dream to play a princess and she got to do it three times a day. She loves the message Cinderella puts forth: you really can achieve your dreams if you have a little bit of hope and you can keep that little bit of magic in your heart.

“I know this sounds like I’m giving you the real corny spiel but it’s really what I believe,” adds Black.

Cinderella in carriage

While the cast love to see the audience drawn into the storyline, Black also points out the show includes world class skating. Most of the cast are former competitive skaters and the audience will still see the sort of tricks that would be performed in the world championships. There simply isn’t the same pressure of competition.

Black explains that competitive skating means training the whole year for just one 3 minute performance and hope you nail it. Performing with Disney On Ice means you have to be ready for every performance, three shows a day, twelve shows a week – but no one is judging it.

Cinderella in rags

While Disney On Ice has an obvious target audience of young girls with dreams of being a princess, Black says the show appeals to a much broader demographic. Adults can enjoy world class skating, as well as the characters they’ve grown up watching. Boys will also enjoy the show – the Rapunzel segment is as much as about Flynn and horse Maximus as it is about the princess. There is also a lot of humour in the seven dwarfs and the stepsisters, and characters like Mickey and Minnie are in every show.

“It’s for everyone. It’s for girls and boys, mums and dads, grandparents,” explains Black. She even sees couples in the audience on date nights.

Black has now commenced a new chapter in her life as an ice skating coach. She loves to inspire her students with her real life perspective of how to fulfil your dreams. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Disney On Ice comes to town and a new Cinderella is telling her journey of how “it all started with my coach Victoria Black …”.



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