Stomping on history while raving to a new dawn. A dance for the information age.

Over 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Different generations of humanity sink or swim in a sea of knowledge, false narratives, dog memes and viral dances. Our fleshy bodies can’t possibly process it all.

 Yung Lung is a rave on Mount Olympus from Chunky Move — one of Australia’s leading contemporary dance companies for more than 25 years — and a host of collaborators from the worlds of music, design and art.

Dancers stomp on a god-like effigy by artist Callum Morton, as a barrage of online imagery manipulated by music video director Kris Moyes rains down. Sweat soaks through Perks & Mini-designed club regalia as Bosco Shaw’s lighting pulsates to the bass-heavy soundtrack of Melbourne techno experimentalist Chiara Kickdrum. Yung Lung is a techno treatise and party prophecy. Divinity meets the dancefloor.

This project was commissioned through RISING’s A Call to Artist initiative, a program supported by Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Besen Family Foundation. Chunky Move is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body and the City of Melbourne through its Arts and Creative Investment Partnership Program.

June 1 – 5