Many people would remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a classical family movie; the play is the same, it’s bright, light hearted, and funny at times, with catchy songs, villains, children, adorable animals and a hero – nothing is left out.

Babirra Music Theatre have presented an outstanding production. In many ways, one could have mistaken it as a fully professional production, worth twice the admission price.

The Whitehorse Centre was full, with an audience ranging from the young to the young at heart.

With a well seasoned creative team lead by Alan Burrows as Director, (with Ben Hudson as musical director, Di Crough as choreographer, and Marcello Lo Ricco as sound designer) this production was in good hands from the beginning. Chloe Thomas as Costume Designer mastered the costumes which are true for the period and the settings. Set designer David Dare and his team have provided very smart and workable sets including half sets which suit the smaller scenes perfectly, along with the smart technology from backlight which only added to the magic of the performance. Everything ran ultra smoothly – the music, lighting, scene changes, entrances, exits, and the technical effects from start to finish; it was a production which is well worth seeing just so that you can see how high this company has set the bar for others.

Tony Burge is no stranger to theatre. His ability to take the lead role of Caractacus Potts and make it his own added to the very high standard of the show. Michelle Eddington as Truly Scrumptious has heaps of energy. Jeremy and Jemima Potts (played by Thomas Waterworth and Lucy Sonnermann) were not only a delight, but they were entertaining and just as professional as the rest of the cast. David McLean (Grandpa Potts) is no stranger to theatre or the air waves, and he provides a richness and depth of character.

Phil Lambert (Baron / Lord Scrumptious) and Nicole Kapiniaris (Baroness / Miss Phillips) both played duel characters so well and with so much fun, they were simply brilliant.

The rest of the cast and ensemble helped to make this production such a great success, with their singing, dancing running, bike riding their energy and enthusiasm all added to make this such a light family friendly entertaining performance. They gave a masterclass in  singing, harmony, and diction.

And what about the hero of the play, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Well, all I can say it’s a restored car, but it swims, it flies and it’s all believable – it should not be missed.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is playing at The Whitehorse Centre until 17th June 2017


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