Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music is back, with music theatre and cabaret star Chelsea Plumley as the special guest host.

Ever run into your living room at full twirl singing “The Hills are Alive…”? Time to take down the curtains to make some new playclothes and join around 2000 other devoted musical fans singing and shamelessly interacting with the world’s favourite movie musical.

Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music first visited Australia in 2001 and ten years on the movie is a popular as ever, with a special new blu-ray edition being released last year. Presented with sing-a-long subtitles, the Melbourne screenings are in an extra special venue this time – the State Theatre, the Arts Centre.

Part of the fun of the night comes from the hilarious costumes worn by audience members. Past highlights have included nuns of all shapes, sizes and sexes, brown paper packages and plumbers (as in Christopher Plummer!).

Chelsea Plumley, an experienced SALASOM host, will ramp up the audience involvement with a vocal warm up and an explanation of the interactive fun pack and associated actions. Chelsea will also judge the fabulous costume parade.


I caught up with Chelsea to find out, appropriately enough, A Few of her Favourite Things.


Favourite movie musical that doesn’t feature nuns & Nazis:

Definitely Grease.


Favourite costume from a previous screening of Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music:

Just recently I was hosting in Perth and a large crowd of people came on stage all in black carrying cardboard cut outs of tombstones with two nuns acting out a scene where they ushered the Von Trapp family behind the tombstones.


Favourite moment in the movie, particularly in relation to audience participation:

The magnificent moment when Maria and The Captain pash for the first time and the audience simultaneously pop their poppers!


Favourite role you would have like to have played in The Sound of Music:

It would have to be Maria.  Julie Andrews as Maria is so incredibly beautiful, charming, naive and feisty.  It would be a delight to inhabit the character of Maria.


Favourite role you have played on stage:

In the arena of musical theatre, I am torn between Amy in Company and Rizzo in Grease.  In the arena of cabaret, I adored my one-woman show Live & Luscious.


Favourite cabaret venue where you have performed:

Too 2 much in Soho London.


Favourite Melbourne café:

Café e Cucina in South Yarra.


Favourite Melbourne shopping strip:

Chapel Street – all of it.


Favourite Australian music theatre leading man:

Mitchell Butel.  I’m currently working with him in Kismet for The Production Company.


Favourite way to unwind after a big performance:

Junkie takeaway food, a drink of coke “I don’t drink alcohol so a Coke is my exciting drink in life” and staring at the TV like a zombie.


Favourite way to spend a Sunday/day off:

A breakfast of wholemeal soy spelt pancakes with my husband and son, a walk through the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and a stop at the Tea Rooms to partake in the scones, jam and cream!


Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music plays at Melbourne's State Theatre 12 & 13 August.