Chelsea Plumley is interested in people who are excellent at what they do – no matter what their profession. She’s interested in how they became excellent at their craft, what personality traits do they possess and what they do to sustain these skills?  It is this innate curiosity that has lead Plumley to develop Follow Spot – a new musical-talk-variety show.

Chelsea Plumley in blue

Chelsea Plumley

Each Follow Spot will feature three different performers in an evening of in-depth interviews, fun games and unplugged performances. Plumley has specifically invited entertainment personalities who have “been around the block” – performers who have been in the business for more than 20 years. These are people who are successful in what they do.

“I want to honour them, really,” said Plumley.

Pumley has conducted a short interview with each of her guests to assist in her own preparation for the evening. She wants to know more about whether or not they prepare for a role, any classes they take, do they read the music, do they work on accents, how do they maintain themselves for a long season? How do they maintain their excellence?

With guests including Rhonda Burchmore; Anne Wood; John Diedrich (Friday 26th February) Julia Zemiro; Martin Croft; Debra Byrne (Saturday 27th February) and John O’May; Judi Connelli; Queenie van de Zandt (Sunday 28th February), audiences are in for a treat.

Plumley says each night is going to be something very special. Although the format will be the same each time, the questions in the games will differ, so audiences who attend all three events will have a different experience each time. The price is discounted for those attending all three Follow Spot events. Plumley has been rehearsing with each of the invited guests and will accompany them on the piano for their performance.

Chelsea Plumley is keen for Follow Spot to become a regular event, but ultimately she’d love to host this show on television to ensure there is a record of each of these people’s stories and the wisdom they have to share about their successes and struggles.

With variety type talk shows disappearing from our television screens in favour of reality/competition shows, Follow Spot will help fill the void. It’s a unique opportunity to be entertained by some big names from the entertainment industry in the intimate setting of Chapel Off Chapel’s Loft, facilitated by a very curious host and celebrated performer in her own right.

As our conversation drifted off on a tangent about motherhood, breastfeeding and exhaustion, I could only hope that one day the tables are turned and Chelsea Plumley is under the follow spot to share her own wisdom and experiences.


Follow Spot runs over three nights only, and guests appearing in the series include:

Friday 26th Feb at 9pm – Rhonda Burchmore; Anne Wood; John Diedrich

Saturday 27th Feb at 9pm – Julia Zemiro; Martin Croft; Debra Byrne

Sunday 28th Feb at 7pm – John O’May; David Hobson; Queenie van de Zandt


Follow Spot cast

The Loft, Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran

Tickets: $25-$30, discount package if booking all three shows

Bookings: 03 8290 7000 or