A cautionary tale with lots of mess and yuck and screaming farce that kids love.

Check Out! is a wickedly funny work of puppet theatre suitable for 4 to 12 year olds about the child consumer bonanza. Fast paced and physical, Check Out! is a very funny and ever-so-scathing take on parent/child relationships and the market power invested in children. Set in a supermarket, Check Out! follows the remarkable adventures of a tantrum-throwing baby who is determined to get what she wants. 
Filled with puppetry at its most inventive and cheeky, Baby runs away from her Dad, gets lost in the Supermarket, soon meets shelf products which come to life, and a mischievous toddler, Speedy, who lives in the Supermarket. Baby swaps her beloved toy Ivan with Speedy and, in return, can have all the products she wants. As life at the top becomes sugar fuelled and dangerous, she realizes that having everything is not all it’s cracked up to be. On the run from shelf stackers, the Manager and the products themselves, baby battles for survival. It is Speedy  who helps her discover that you need more than just ‘stuff’ to see you through. Check Out! is a muzak-filled slapstick puppet tale which will make sure that a trip to the supermarket will never be the same again.
Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of experiential, interactive and installation theatre for children aged up to 12 years. In their 32nd year of operation, the company reaches a remarkable 60,000 children a year  through extensive touring regionally, nationally and internationally.
The company’s artistic rationale is inspired by the artistry of children – children’s play in fact – acknowledging children as experts in creative thinking and willing believers in impossible things.
"We create inventive theatrical works by enabling a creative vibration between intuitive and trained artistry. Our model connects professional artists to contemporary childhood by channelling the instinctive creativity of children – unencumbered by the inhibitions of adulthood – as the starting point and touchstone for all works. We engage distinctive collaborative artists who develop strong artistic concepts which both arise from, and provide frameworks for, the input of children." says Polyglot’s Artistic Director of 10 years Sue Giles.
Further to this concept is the merging of ideas and materials to further the Polyglot vision – Sue explains.
"Featuring diverse materials from the humble cardboard box, to graphic novels collaged on two-dimensional set pieces, twisted elastic to wire-based mobiles animated overhead, it is the presence of absorbing visual metaphors and compelling original music which are found across all of Polyglot’s works. We seek to challenge, to foster curiosity, to inspire, and to encourage children to take responsibility for themselves in the imagined worlds that are created through the theatrical experiences presented."
Check Out! is co-written and directed by Sue Giles who was also the Puppetry Director for the recent Australian tour of the smash hit musical Avenue Q.
“I’m very excited to see Check Out!”  return to Melbourne after our successful international tours.  Our hometown audiences have been patiently waiting for us to come back – the children in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul loved Check Out! and we know that Melbournians do as well.”
Polyglot Theatre is pleased to be bringing its award-winning smash hit puppet show Check Out! back to Melbourne for the September school holidays at Frankston and Clayton venues.