Before Wicked returns to our shores, fans have the opportunity to see our new Fiyero in action, when Steve Danielsen appears on the small screen this Friday night. Danielson will play the role of Bobby Lee, a 1950's rock and roll singer who meets with a nasty end on this week's episode of Dr Blake's Mysteries. The episode will air on ABC1 on Friday 14th February at 8.30pm.

The title role of Doctor Blake is played by none other than Frank-n-Furter himself, Craig McLachlan, who is currently wowing audiences in Brisbane in The Rocky Horror Show. Ironically, Melbourne will stage both Wicked and The Rocky Horror around the same time in the coming months.

Tune in to the Dr Blake Mysteries and watch the show as a straight drama and simply appreciate the fine acting skills of two of our current leading men of musical theatre. Or … if you prefer … try breaking out the cast recordings of both musicals and playing a snippet of "I'm Just a Sweet Transvestite" every time Dr Blake (McLachlan) appears and "Dancing Through Life" every time Bobby Lee (Danielsen) appears. It could give the murder mystery a whole different feeling …