Charlie by Singapore-based artist Victoria Chen has been nominated ‘Best in Theatre’ at the Melbourne Fringe Awards.

The “Best in Category” awards, judging the best in Visual Arts & Film, Experimental, Dance, Theatre, Comedy and Cabaret, will be announced on Sunday night at the Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards Night and Closing Party.

Charlie is a 15-minutes interactive performance which starts with a single audience member entering a room to meet twelve-year-old Charlie. What follows depends on each audience’s description of the world we live in: if your words were the only thing a twelve-year-old could hang on to in this maddening world, what would you say to her?

This iteration at the Melbourne Fringe Festival follows its successful runs in the UK at the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, clinching the Best Performing Artist Award, and the On the Rocks Festival in 2017, as well as a two-week run in Singapore in 2018. For this new iteration, the performance goes online. Isolation meets isolation, whereby audiences will encounter Charlie from their own homes in a time-limited Zoom room for an intimate experience of the quarantine era.