Hello Theatre Peeps,

Last night I received a very distressing phone call…

In spite of being assured many times over the past 5 months that the venue we had booked “The Steel Yard” was able to get an extended license until 5am, they called me last night to say that this in fact was not the case and their application for an extended liquor license had been denied.

Their current license is until 1am.. practically useless for our intents and purposes.

As you can imagine, it’s incredibly difficult to find any venue that’s open to 5am in the burbs, let alone one that’s willing to host our rather large entourage with a week’s notice, for an event that starts at Midnight.

This left us with two options:

1. Cancel the party. Noooooo!
2. Do what us theatre people do best… Throw up our hands and shout “The Show MUST go on!!!”

After enlisting the help of several TP regulars and many frantic phone calls that went throughout the night and into the morning we’ve been able to secure another venue at the 11th hour.

The team at Orange Whip in Ringwood have graciously allowed us into their function room in their newly renovated club in the heart of Ringwood. This place is cool, really cool. It’s 5 minutes drive from the theatre and it’s easy to get to. The Address is: 115-119 Maroondah Hwy – Ringwood. We have our own function room to use, but if you feel like mixing it with the locals, you can check out their 2 other dance rooms.

As we’ve lobbed in as last minute guests, these guys have moved heaven and earth (i.e. their usual crowd out to allow us in) and that’s come at a cost. As such tickets to this event are $15 as opposed to the usual $10 that we’ve charged in previous years.

For most people, this $5 increase won’t be an issue, but for those of you who aren’t willing to fork that out, then we totally understand. For those of you who wish to attend, we need you to reconfirm your tickets immediately. Anyone who does not reconfirm their tickets in the next 5 days will be removed from the list.  Please email [email protected] to reconfirm

Thanks for your understanding guys and we look forward to seeing you on the night