CenterStage Geelong are pleased to announce their amazing production team for Singin' In The Rain.

Co-Producer: David Greenwood

Co-Producer: Elise Dahl

Director: Shaun Kingma

Musical Director: TBA

Vocal Director: Anita Barlow-Burman

Co-Choreographer: Xavier McGettigan

Co-Choreographer: Michele McDowall

Stage Manager: Don Shaw

Production Assistant: Scott Bradley

Photography: Purdey Lee Photography

Programme Coordinator: Shelly Bown

Programme Designer: Matthew Kennedy

Set Design: Andrew Greenwood

Properties Coordinator: Derek Ingles

Front of House Coordinator: Liz Powell

Costume Design: Pauline Greenwood and Rebecca Cramp

Costume Assistants: Julie Mananelli, Kristl Milanovic, Johny Leon, Darius Leon

Lighting Design: Michelle Domonkos

Sponsorship Coordinator: Keith Greenwood

Marketing Coordinator: David Greenwood

We would like to welcome everyone above to the CenterStage Family.

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