A fortyfivedownstairs favourite for his sell-out shows In Vogue: Songs by Madonna, Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox and Cole: A Tribute to Cole Porter, Helpmann Award winner Michael Griffiths returns to fortyfive in May with his acclaimed new show Greatest Hits.

Greatest Hits is also a nod to Griffiths’ obsession with collecting Greatest Hits compilations on vinyl and cassette. “I’m a massive 80s tragic so there’ll definitely be lots from that decade. I love the ‘old world’ too, so there’ll be a couple from Cole Porter and a song or two from the 60s.”

After so many successful one-man shows, Griffiths has established an effortless rapport with his audiences. “I’ve learned to trust in my ability to simply chat with an audience in the moment and resist the temptation to script it all out beforehand,” he says.

“There’s a thrilling danger about flying free for an hour and that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s what I did in October last year when I performed at the Regal Theatre Opening and it was the most fun I’ve had on stage. It’s trusting that there’s a little magic about meeting an audience in a room and surrendering to it. Of course, I’ll know what I’ll be singing (in theory) but no two shows will be quite the same.”

May 5 – 9