BABIRRA Music Theatre are delighted to announce an outstanding cast for our May/June production of The Phantom Of The Opera.

The Phantom – Paul Batey
Christine – Georgia Wilkinson
Raoul – Andrew Baker
Carlotta – Nikol McKail
Piangi – Shanul Sharma
Mme Giry – Sarah Pascall
Mr Firmin – Brett O'Meara
Mr Andre – Michael Butler
Meg – Emily Mignot
Buquet – Barry Baker
Mr Le Fevre – Renn Wortley

Karina Aston
Julia Doupe
Olivia Falls
Karla Herschell
Steph Hickey
Cze Lee
Eliza Mignot
Lauren Stannard

Siobhan Barry
Rhianwen Bramble
Chelsea Cornell
Bronwyn Dean
Christine Lee
Bernadette Sheedy
Tara Spackman
Catherine Strati
Talaylin Zeppa

Garry Barcham
Stephen Borg
Jesse James Gheller
Tim Haughton
Michael Howden
Chris Howe
Matthew Weekes
James Young